Specials and holiday menu

Inferno Dave

Chicken cutlet topped with mozzarella  then 

We take fresh local  jalapenos and cherry peppers simmered in our house red sauce, over penne

very spicy!!!!!!


G-plate "aka italian garbage plate"

italian mac and cheese, seasoned potato chicken cutlets topped with bolognese mozzarella& herbs


Valentines day apps

Soup of the day Broccoli Cheddar or Chicken French Onion Soup Appetizers

 $10 Pork Cutlets (4) 4 pounded and breaded pork loin cutlets

 Arancinis Sausage pepper onion mixed with rice and mozzarella fried (6)

 Parm Bites Chicken chunks breaded and fried dusted with grated cheese

 Utica Greens (spicy) Escarole sauteed with Spicy cherry peppers grated cheese and bread crumbs 

Desserts $6 Rainbow Cake

 Chocolate Cake

 Nannis Inclemas pistachio cake 

red velvet cake


 All dinners will come with choice of salad or soup on this day 

Choose for $23 

THE HONEYMAN Gorgonzola cream sauce mixed with house made potato gnocchi topped with a crispy chicken cutlet drizzled in local famous honey

 Linguine Dall Oceano  (From The Sea)

 Bay scallops, Shrimp, Clams in the shell Sauteed in garlic, onion lemon and spices in a white wine creamy sauce topped with herbs and grated cheese

 Chicken Bellagio

 Chicken Cutlet topped with arugula and prosciutto On a bed of spaghetti mixed in our house made creamy pesto topped with grated cheese

 Veal Parm 

Two tender veal cutlets breaded and fried topped with whole milk mozzarella topped with house red sauce over penne

 Chicken Madelyn

 Two breaded and fried chicken cutlets Topped with grape tomato, fresh mozzarella balls, basil in a lemon sherry sauce on a bed of spaghetti topped with grated cheese


Choose for $22 

Chicken Parm or Chicken Eggplant Combo Fresh never frozen breaded and fried topped with mozzarella and our house red sauce over penne

 Chicken Tommy 

Egg dipped and sauteed Chicken cutlets topped with mozzarella baby spinach over penne in our sherry French sauce

 Chicken Riggies 

Chicken sauteed in sherry with cherry peppers bell peppers mixed with rosa sauce combined with rigatonis topped with grated cheese

 Shrimp Antoinetta 

Sauteed shrimp in onions and garlic with grape tomato, basil in our lemon sherry sauce on a bed of linguine topped with grated cheese 

Inferno Alfredo 

Cherry peppers sauteed and simmered in our alfredo sauce topped with chicken cutlet over penne dusted with chili pepper and grated cheese

 Soups of the day Broccoli Cheddar or Chicken French Onion Soup