Specials and holiday menu

Inferno Dave

Chicken cutlet topped with mozzarella  then 

We take fresh local  jalapenos and cherry peppers simmered in our house red sauce, over penne

very spicy!!!!!!


G-plate "aka italian garbage plate"

italian mac and cheese, seasoned potato chicken cutlets topped with bolognese mozzarella& herbs


Valentines day apps

 Chicken French Onion Soup $6

 $11 Pork Cutlets (4) 4 pounded and breaded pork loin cutlets

$11 Arancinis amatricanna (5)


                                       Desserts $6

 Rainbow Cake

 Chocolate Cake

 Nannis Inclemas pistachio cake 

red velvet cake



Gorgonzola cream sauce mixed with house made potato gnocchi topped with a crispy chicken cutlet drizzled in local famous honey

Pesto Scampi

chopped shrimp and tomato sauteed in butter lemon and wine over a bed of linguine in housemade creamy basil pesto

Linguine Dall Oceano  (From The Sea)

 Bay scallops, Shrimp, Clams in the shell Sauteed in garlic, onion lemon and spices in a white wine creamy sauce topped with herbs and grated cheese

Chicken Bellagio

 Chicken Cutlet topped with arugula and prosciutto On a bed of linguine mixed in our house made creamy pesto topped with grated cheese

Stuffed Chicken Marsala 

casino stlye stuffing with mushrooms bacon bell pepper spinach mozzarella in a marsala sauce over penne

 Chicken Madelyn

 Two breaded and fried chicken cutlets Topped with grape tomato, fresh mozzarella balls, basil in a lemon sherry sauce on a bed of linguine topped with grated cheese

Gnocchi Polo Parma 

Tender chicken cutlets breaded and fried topped with our house red sauce over homemade potato gnocchi